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We, The People Of Kenya—

ACKNOWLEDGING the Supremacy Of The Almighty God Of All Creation:

HONOURING those Who Heroically Struggled To Bring Freedom And Justice To Our Land:

PROUD of Our Ethnic, Cultural And Religious Diversity, And Determined To Live In Peace And Unity As One Indivisible Sovereign Nation:

RESPECTFUL of The Environment, Which Is Our Heritage, And Determined To Sustain It For The Benefit Of Future Generations:

COMMITTED to Nurturing And Protecting The Well-being Of The Individual, The Family, Communities And The Nation:

RECOGNISING the Aspirations Of All Kenyans For A Government Based On The Essential Values Of Human Rights, Equality, Freedom, Democracy, Social Justice And The Rule Of Law:

EXERCISING our Sovereign And Inalienable Right To Determine The Form Of Governance Of Our Country And Having Participated Fully In The Making Of This Constitution:

ADOPT, ENACT and Give This Constitution to Ourselves And To Our Future Generations.


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