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The lawyers licensed to practice law by the Law Society of Kenya are registered on the website Search for a lawyer.

Lawyers are categorized on the website according to their areas of expertise and whether they are licensed to provide legal service.

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Wakili Mkononi will help you find your nearest expert Wakili/Lawfirm. It is our job to assist you in finding your Wakili of choice with just three clicks. No need to ask around or wander in finding your nearest legal help.

Patawakili is an Integrated Platform for all the above in the in the simplest way possible. We strive to give you affordable, comprehensive, swift and reliable solution to any of your Legal Service needs, on a single platform from the convenience of your home.

Patawakili leverage on Technology to bring Legal Services to your doorstep and in your hand. With round the clock support from our Service Provider, who shall provide you their valuable opinion by understanding your exact needs, Patawakili shall help lay to rest your inhibitions about Disputes Courts and Law. With confidential consultations by Verified Service Providers in the industry, we ensure dependable legal services of the highest standards at all stages. Our services and forum are the storehouse of tremendous information that shall help you resolve complicated Legal Disputes, that are made to protect and empower us, in simple terms.

Wakili ChapChap is a legal self help platform tailored for SMEs and individuals to assist with every day transactions. You can create your own legal forms and contracts by answering simple prompted questions. Legal assistance is made easy, accessible and affordable.

M-Haki-‘Haki Mkononi’ is the use of SMS technology to disseminate legal information to clients and Kituo is currently in the first phase of a three phase implementation process where we’re conducting market research primarily to find out what people are willing to pay for the service.

M-Haki is an innovative and reliable technology developed by Kituo Cha Sheria intended to lessen the costs of accessing justice. To make use of this technology, Kituo has a dedicated mobile number – 0700777333 where the public can text legal questions at a small fee to be answered by Kituo lawyers and volunteer advocates. Questions are gathered from anyone and anywhere and this will save persons the trouble of using commuter fare to come to Kituo’s offices. In other words legal advice is just a click away… Haki Mkononi.

Haki Law App a project of KnownAfrique LLP is a mobile based platform that enables legal e-consult. Those in need of legal assistance will “find a lawyer” one click away!

Haki App has been designed to give everyone an opportunity to access legal advice through lawyers. Within the app the lawyer responds to your question directly over a phone call at a cheaper price affordable to everyone hence no need to physically meet. Moreover, the App connects you to a specific lawyer for every specific issue hence finding the suitable lawyer for your need. Access to the lawyer is instant and within a nearby geographical location.

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