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Government Agencies

Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest)

Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) is a statutory body established in 2004 through an Act of Parliament (Investment Promotion Act No. 6 of 2004) with the main objective of promoting investments in Kenya.

Website: http://www.investmentkenya.com

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)

The Authority’s mandate is to maintain,operate,improve and regulate all scheduled sea ports situated along Kenya’s coastline.

Website: http://www.kpa.co.ke

Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA)

Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) was set up in June 2004 as the semi-autonomous agency in charge of regulatory oversight over the Kenyan maritime industry. Maritime safety and security is one of the Authority’s core functions.

Website: http://www.kma.go.ke

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), is established under the Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act No. 8 of 1999 (EMCA) as the principlal instrument of Goverment for the implementation of all policies relating to environment.

Website: http://www.nema.go.ke

Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA)

Kenya's Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) is a state corporation under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation established under the Water Act 2002 and charged with being the lead agency in water resources management in the country.

Website: http://www.wrma.or.ke

Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA)

The mandate of KURA as defined in the Kenya Roads Act, 2007 is the Management, Development, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of all public roads in the cities and municipalities in Kenya except where those roads are national roads.

Website: http://kura.go.ke

Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA)

The mission of IRA is to effectively regulate, supervise, develop the insurance industry and protect insurance beneficiaries.

Website: http://www.ira.go.ke

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA)

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) is a state corporation under the Ministry of Health established under the KEMSA Act 2013 whose mandate is: Procure, warehouse and distribute drugs.

Website: http://www.kemsa.co.ke/

Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA)

PPOA facilitates access to procurement opportunities through enabling regulation that fosters value for money for national socio-economic development.

Website: http://www.ppoa.go.ke

National Drought Management Authority (NDMA)

NDMA is an agency of the Government of Kenya mandated to establish mechanisms which ensure that drought does not result in emergencies and that the impacts of climate change are sufficiently mitigated.

Website: http://www.ndma.go.ke

National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

NITA's mandate is to promote the highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya and ensure adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in industry.

Website: http://www.nita.go.ke

Coast Development Authority (CDA)

To provide integrated development planning, coordination and implementation of projects within its area of jurisdiction which includes the whole of Coast region (Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi, Taita Taveta.

Website: http://www.cda.go.ke

Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA)

KVDA delivers sustainable business solution in river basin development through prudent management of resources for economic prosperity of the people.

Website: http://www.kvda.go.ke

National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA)

NACADA provides leadership on policy development, education, regulation, management, programme implementation and research coordination.

Website: http://nacada.go.ke

Rural Electrification Authority (REA)

REA provides high quality and affordable electricity connectivity in all rural areas and to achieve high standards of customer service.

Website: http://www.rea.co.ke

Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA)

UFAA Receives, Safeguards and Re-Unites Unclaimed Assets for Social Prosperity and Economic Development.

Website: http://ufaa.go.ke

National Construction Authority (NCA)

NCA regulates, streamlines and builds capacity in the construction industry.

Website: http://nca.go.ke

Association of Local Governments Authorities of Kenya - ALGAK

Promote decentralization in Africa and African local governments as a distinct and autonomous sphere of government.

Website: http://www.afriquelocale.org

Kenya Revenue Authority - (KRA)

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was established by an Act of Parliament, Chapter 469 of the laws of Kenya , which became effective on 1st July 1995 . The Authority is charged with the responsibility of collecting revenue on behalf of the Government of Kenya.

Website: http://www.kra.go.ke

Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) is a statutory body established under the Standards Act (CAP 496) of the laws of Kenya. KEBS comenced its operations in July 1974.

Website: http://www.kebs.org

Kenya Airports Authority - (KAA)

Kenya Airports Authority was established by an act of Parliament in 1992. The KAA Act, Cap 395, provides for the powers and functions of the Authority.

Website: http://www.kaa.go.ke

Kenya Law Reports

Kenya Law Reports Provides Universal Access to Kenya’s Public Legal Information by Monitoring and Reporting on the Development of Jurisprudence for the Promotion of the Rule of Law.

Website: http://kenyalaw.org

Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest)

Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) is a statutory body established in 2004 through an Act of Parliament (Investment Promotion Act No. 6 of 2004) with the main objective of promoting investments in Kenya.

Website: http://www.investmentkenya.com

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